Thirteen Years Old and going strong

At Business Solutions Europa, 2018 marked our thirteenth anniversary as a European Affairs consultancy to business leaders and policymakers.

Although the range and scope of our projects have broadened through the years, we remain committed to our fundamental mission:
To develop ideas, create partnerships, and help our clients to understand the European Union.
Here’s a quick recap of what we accomplished in 2018!


The work we began in the early 2000s to help our clients promote energy efficiency at every level of society continued—and even intensified—in 2018. In fact, we may safely claim to have established ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable and networked energy-efficiency consultancies in Europe.
We’re especially proud of our work to produce a multitude of highly effective briefing and advocacy notes, infographics, letters, reports, and training materials. And our ability to network policy and decision makers with the business community helped stakeholders across the EU to understand the importance, impact, and urgency of promoting energy-efficiency as the most cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and decarbonize the EU economy by 2050 at the latest.
In 2018, we started to work on innovative projects related to the water-energy nexus and natural-based solutions such as green infrastructures to mitigate the devastating effect of climate change, improve biodiversity and improve rainwater management in our cities. These two topics are poised to play an important role in energy-efficiency discussions for years to come. It is our commitment to this kind of topic-forward thinking that places us at the cutting edge of energy efficiency and sustainability matters.


In addition to our energy efficiency efforts, we continued to work on projects related to health and in particular on initiatives tackling childhood obesity. We initiated several new raising awareness and educational projects to promote healthy lifestyles and address the health, social, psychological and economic impacts of childhood obesity.
Thanks to our experience with scientific dissemination and publication, in 2018 we started also a collaboration with one of the most prominent player in the community of anaesthesiologists in Europe and globally.
In the field of health prevention, at the end of 2018, we concluded the EU funded project HEPCOM, for which we served as a partner. HEPCOM is a platform designed to encourage the use of existing prevention programmes and high-quality tools and make them accessible for everyday practice by policymakers and professional.


During the year, we consolidated our position as creative, knowledgeable and reliable provider of communication services for individual organizations and associations. Our services ranged from photography for advertising and marketing purposes for website development, graphic design, and branding.


So here we stand, on the threshold of a new year (2019) and at the end of what has been, in every respect, a wonderful year of operation. And best of all, we are poised to not only to maintain the strength of our consultancy but to advance it.
With the ongoing support of colleagues and partners, we look forward to another year of productive work in contributing to the health and success of our clients and of the European Union.

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