Industry Leaders Support Innovative European Union Policy Advancements Regarding Green Infrastructure

                                                            An aerial view of a district in Duesseldorf, Germany. ID: 2151579185

In the Winter 2023 edition of Living Architecture Monitor (LAM), our managing director Luigi Petito reflects on the growing focus on policy and regulations pertaining to green infrastructure in urban areas – Nature Restoration Law; Urban Wastewater Tretment Directive (UWWTD); Pollinators Initiative; Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

However, with the European elections scheduled for next June, we must work diligently to ensure urban green infrastructure remains high on the agenda of the new EU institutions. Forecasts predict around 70 per cent turnover in the members of the European Parliament, emphasizing the need for continued advocacy.

The full article is available here.

The LAM magazine is a quarterly publication first published in 1998.  It features in-depth interviews with leaders in the green building movement, opinions, research, and green roof and wall project profiles. Living architecture is the integration of living, organic systems with non-living, inorganic systems in, on, or around buildings. Living architecture is an important step to reconcile people and nature in the modern built environment.

In January 2020 we were asked to set up and run the European Chapter of the World Green Infrastructure Network. Another exciting task to improve the quality of urban areas and help cities to reconnect with nature.

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